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His Ever After Box Set Cover

Five sexy, feel-good, stand-alone, small-town m/m romances, plus a bonus!

Get a quick dose of small-town feels with five stand-alone stories PLUS an exclusive bonus chapter featuring characters from His Birthday Wish and His Coffee Shop Crush. Download to read about five sets of heroes each getting the happily ever afters they deserve.

Includes Better Than Perfect, a brand-new bonus story only available in this collection!

His Ever After Box Set Cover

There’s no white Christmas at this Vermont inn—just two pining country music stars trying to write themselves a happily ever after.

Country music star Ryan Winslow hates corny Christmas songs, so he’s not sure how he let Jesse Arlyn, his on-stage partner and off-stage best friend, talk him into writing a Christmas album. Oh right, it’s because he’s desperately in love with Jesse, the man who saved his life when they were in the Peace Corps together. He’ll do anything Jesse asks, but unfortunately Jesse will never ask Ryan for the one thing he wants most to give—his heart.

When the unexpected appearance of an old Peace Corps buddy throws their friendship off balance, Ryan decides to finally come clean about his feelings. What better way than writing a corny Christmas song to the man he loves? If he can write the perfect holiday love song, maybe Jesse will finally be able to see Ryan as more than a friend, and they can create a brand new harmony together.

Read this stand-alone, medium heat, feel-good, friends-to-lovers Christmas love story with a guaranteed happy ending now!

his fake wedding date cover

Sometimes your coffee shop crush makes a great cup of joe, and sometimes he turns out to be the love of your life.

Jack reluctantly leaves Manhattan for small-town Connecticut to focus on finishing the overdue fourth book in his bestselling middle grade series. The local coffee shop is the perfect place to buckle down and meet his deadline, except for the distracting presence of barista Pete, who’s even hotter than the coffee.

When Jack and Pete’s budding friendship quickly turns to flirting, Jack finds himself inspired to finish his book and get to know his sexy coffee shop crush more intimately. But Pete isn’t only a barista, and when they discover that their lives are already intertwined in an unexpected way, can their new relationship survive revelations from Pete’s past?

His Coffee Shop Crush is a steamy, small-town romance with a guaranteed happy ending.

his fake wedding date cover

Sometimes birthday wishes do come true.

All Jake Crane wants for his birthday is for something to change. He’s not expecting the change to come in the form of an incredibly handsome man showing up at his door out of the blue—he doesn’t know the six-feet of gorgeous standing on his welcome mat—or does he?

After struggling to recover from the death of his father, it turns out good things do sometimes happen to good people. On the most awesome birthday of his life, Jake discovers friendship, love, and that the best kind of happily ever afters are the ones you make yourself.

HIS BIRTHDAY WISH is a stand-alone, small-town, friends-to-lovers romance with a dash of mistaken identity, a medium heat level, and a happy ending. Enjoy!


his fake wedding date cover

Real best friend. Fake wedding date. What could go wrong?

Hunter Pike has moved on since he was discharged from the army and got a divorce in the same week. He moved to a different state, started his own skydiving school, and goes on plenty of (first) dates. When his ex demands he bring a plus one to her upcoming wedding, Hunter blurts out the first name he can think of—Devin Smith, his faithful business partner and best friend. It doesn’t matter that there’s never been anything romantic between the two of them—all that matters is that Devin plays along for a few days. What’s the worst that could happen?

Devin’s been pining for Hunter since they first started working together, but he never thought anything would come of his crush on the handsome, seemingly fearless Hunter. But when he goes along with Hunter’s plan to pose as boyfriends for the wedding weekend that happens to be in Hunter’s hometown, he discovers not only is his heart in danger of being damaged, but that Hunter’s dealing with some damage of his own.

HIS FAKE WEDDING DATE is a small-town, fake relationship, friends-to-lovers, medium-heat romance with a happy ending.

Spencer North is new to Aurora Springs, Texas, but it turns out some of its residents are old high school friends, including handsome classic car restorer A.J. Marinello. He’s disappointed when it seems like A.J. isn’t comfortable with Spencer being out and proud.

Coming out to people who knew him as a popular jock in high school never gets any easier for A.J., but somehow it ‘s impossible when confronted with Spencer, no longer the lanky kid A.J. remembers. Spencer’s hot and gay. A.J.’s an idiot. Can they fix this misunderstanding and get their new beginning after all?

NEW BEGINNINGS is an m/m small town romance novella featuring misunderstandings, guitar-playing, pining, and more!

Zack Summers came to Cross Creek, Maine to take care of his aging father, not to fall in love, but when he falls into a relationship with hunky, inexperienced librarian Miles, he finds himself living a daydream he never wants to wake up from.
DAY DREAMING is an m/m small town romance novella featuring coffee, kayaking, kissing, and more!